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remembering you standing quiet in the rain [entries|friends|calendar]
if only tonight we could sleep

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me [12 May 2005|02:03pm]

nightdances with the moon,
i've been smashing all the clocks around me
and dreaming of white tall roses.

"go right to the white rose"

my oyster legs will stretch over
like a bridge
to haunt you
and keep you warm.

violent violet skies
and dusty books gathered around.


i have a garden outside my window
and i am desire

it's never too late.
raspberries on my lips
and secrets growing inside of me
like a baby.

all this love,
and my mouth blooming like a cut.

(3 secrets)


sweet__secrets is a community for sweet and beautiful things.

... pictures, lyrics, poems, thoughts, secrets ... and a world of other things.

this community is for all pretty people out here.

and remember ... true beauty comes from inside.

there are only few rules;
-every post you make, make them friends-only.
-please don't curse.
-use lj-cut when you are posting more than one / big pictures.
-when you have joined in this community, it would be nice if you could tell something nice about yourself. (so could you please do it? it is not very difficult.)

feel free to tell about sweet__secrets to your friends and ask them to join.

♥ ♥ ♥

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